No Deposit Poker

This is 2020, and the high point of no deposit poker bonuses is long gone. It was great while it lasted, and we saw lots of dedicated sites spring up advertising all the various free poker money offers that were available, and even some new poker rooms launced used this model as a way to quickly grab a player base.

Even some of the well established poker sites, such as Poker Stars and Full Tilt, had free bonus offers available to new players. But those days are long gone now.

What happened?

The idea behind these deals was very good. It was a rare, win-win situation. The player got the money, played on the site, generated rake, the poker site got their money back, and then some. Excellent idea. In theory. And for quite a few years it seemed to work.

Using this model, the poker sites saw their new player number grow and grow, and their bottom line was going up and up. Maybe no one thought to do a comprehensive review of the benefit of this type of player.

In the final analysis, it seems that many players had no respect for the free money. Sometiems you would see a player get their cash and blow it in one hand. Easy come, easy go. And some of that kind of player would then try to sign up again and get more free money. I think in the end there were more of this kind of player than of the worthwhile kind, the player that appreciated the cash and played to the best of their ability to grow it into a reasonable bankroll.

This is just guess work on my part; what we do know is that these offers started to dry up a few years ago and now there are virtually none available.

In a way, it is similar to what happened in the early days of casino bonuses. Most players got them and blew them, just the way the casinos wanted. But some smarter players were able to make money out of them, again and again. And eventually their were too many smart players, so the casinos increased the wagering requirements, adding more and more restrictions, until pretty much all the value was gone for the smart player.

So what is left for the smart player? Sportsbook bonuses are still a thing, though the restrictions have been tightened considerably on those too.